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difference in my everyday life. Being

        Following transplantation, it is easy to
                                                                               stronger and fitter means that I am
        continue to see yourself as a patient
                                                                               able to complete tasks around the
        and remain introspective and
        protective of your transplanted organ.
                                                                               objects previously too heavy for me
        A more positive approach is to say “I
                                                                               and being able to work at these tasks
        have received a gift of new life and I                                 house and garden such as lifting
        am going to care for it and enjoy it to                                for longer periods of time. I can also
        the full.” This is not simply my                                       walk for longer distances and hit the
        opinion. Scientific journals have                                      ball a bit further but no straighter in
        published data showing that exercise                                   golf!
        following organ transplantation is                                        I was recently appointed from
        extremely beneficial for the                                           Transplant Team Ireland by the WTGF
        transplanted organ and for the overall                                 as an ambassador for their “Fit For
        physical, mental, social and economic                                  Life!” campaign. In this role, my hope
        welfare of the recipient.                                              would be that working in conjunction
           After I received my transplant, I was                               with the IKA (Transplant Team Ireland)
        not given any advice about the place                                   and other interested parties, nurses,
        of exercise in my rehabilitation. My                                   doctors, dietitians, physiotherapists
        belief is that it is imperative to have                                and others, we can, together, institute
        recognised guidelines and structures in                                a programme of guidelines for exercise
        place to encourage and monitor                                         and fitness which will benefit all
        exercise and fitness progression                                       transplant recipients.
        following transplant. Having a                                            Peak fitness will mean different
                                                         Ron Grainger
        recommended personalised written                                       things for each individual. For one it
        programme for each recipient would  fitness. However, not having trained in  may mean better ability to walk or
        be a great place to start. Following  a gym setting for almost 50 years, I  swim. To another, taking part in
        discharge from hospital, after my   returned to the gym to see if I could  organised sport either in a team or
        transplant, I mapped out my own     get fit enough to run sprints as I did  individual setting and for yet another,
        exercise plan to aid and expedite my  when in my teens. This required  perhaps competing in transplant
        recovery but it would have been so  careful monitoring so that I avoided  games at either European or World
        helpful to have had definitive guidance  injury and didn’t overdo things. The  level. Whilst recruiting new members
        on this from a professional source.  programme worked out well and I was  of Transplant Team Ireland is not a
           In the years thereafter, whilst I kept  able to compete in the European  primary goal, it would be great to
        a reasonable level of fitness by    Transplant and Dialysis Games in   welcome new members to this
        working in a very busy job, taking the  Finland 2016, achieving the goal I had  wonderful group of people from many

        stairs rather than a lift etc and playing  set myself.                 varied backgrounds who share similar
        golf occasionally (“a good walk       I continue to exercise in the gym  experience of chronic illness and many
        spoiled” according to Mark Twain), I  and I am enjoying a new level of  of whom are “Loving New Life” with a
        wasn’t seriously trying to achieve peak  health and fitness. This makes a  successful transplant.

        June 25 – July 2                 World Transplant Games     Malaga, Spain
        Registration has already opened
        Contact Colin White for more information
        July 28 – 31                     British Transplant Games   North Lanarkshire
        Registration will open                                      Scotland
        in early 2017 – contact
        Colin White for more information
        Sunday Aug 27                    Family Sports Day          ALSAA Sports Complex
        Sports Hall
        Track & Field, Swimming Pool,
        Darts, Bowling, Squash

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