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The Irish Kidney Association provides a FREE and confidential counselling
          service for those on treatment, their families and carers, either through
          their counsellor, based at Donor House, or through a nationally registered,
          locally-based counsellor network.
            If, as a person on treatment, family member or carer, you feel it would
          be of benefit to you to speak to a counsellor or if you would like a referral
          to a counsellor in your local area please contact Mike at Donor House.

        circumstances, take a lot of time.  them.
        What follows may be of some help     If our mistake affects someone
        to you.                            else, then we may feel it appropriate
           If you find it difficult to forgive  to apologise and ask the other to
        yourself, ask yourself why? What is it  forgive us. This not only reflects our
        that blocks you from taking the step  maturity but can also enhance our
        of forgiving yourself? Sometimes it  sense of self-value. In addition, if we
        can be helpful to reflect on your life  can do this, we are giving ourselves
        and relationships. Is there a pattern  permission to close this chapter in       By MIKE KELLY
                                                           My thanks to the
        there that might point to self-    our life and leave it in the past. We
        forgiveness being an issue? Have you  can then move on with life and face
        in life – for as long as you can   the next and the many future
        remember – always blamed yourself  challenges life will present.
        for whatever has befallen you?       It is traditional, at Christmas, to
           It can be helpful to keep in mind  give and receive gifts. Perhaps this
        that, generally, we try and do our  year we might include ourselves on
        best in life, albeit there are times and  our gift list and consider the most
        circumstances in which this may be  appropriate gift we can offer
        difficult. It is helpful to be honest  ourselves is the gift of self-
        with yourself but also FAIR.       forgiveness. It may take some time   May I wish all
           Not one of us have walked the   to unwrap but it is a beginning.
        road of life without making a        Happy Christmas to you all.
        mistake and probably many                                               of you a very
        mistakes. Mistakes are part and
        parcel of life. 'Learn from your
        mistakes' is a well-known and often  DUBLIN NORTH BRANCH for their      enjoyable
        heard phrase which underlines that   invitation to make a presentation
        mistakes can be positive, particularly  at their monthly branch meeting
        when we are open to learn from                         in November.     and restful


                                                                                and may

                                                                                2018 be a

                                                                                year of

                                                                                peace for

                                                                                you all

                       Mike can be contacted
                at Donor House on 01-6205306

                      or by email:

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