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Dan’s story

                                                                 n May 24th 2013 my father died suddenly from a heart
                                                                 attack. He had kidney problems for 4 years and was on
                                                                 dialysis. He was attending Tallaght hospital 3 days a
                                                            Oweek initially but this went to 4 days. Within a few
                                                            weeks of my father’s death I got very ill and was referred to
                                                            Tullamore hospital where I was diagnosed with kidney failure.
                                                            It is not proven what caused this - if it was hereditary or high
                                                            blood pressure? I was transferred to Tallaght hospital under
                                                            Dr Mellotte.
                                                               By August, 2013 I was on CAPD dialysis which continued
                                                            for 16 months when I had to have an operation for a hernia.
                                                            As my blood results were not good I had to change to
                                                            haemodialysis before the operation. I remained on
                                                            haemodialysis until my transplant on March 21st, 2016.
                                                               From 6 months of being diagnosed I was put on the
                                                            transplant list. The team had always told me it wasn’t going
                                                            to be easy for me to find a donor with my blood group.
                                                               My fiancée Hazel’s nephew, David, rang her one day as she
                                                            was leaving work to say their neighbour Mary Moore was
                                                            considering donating a kidney to me. She wanted more
                                                            details of how she could do this. Hazel was very shocked that
                                                            someone would do this for someone they hardly knew. Mary
                                                            had only met me on one occasion at this stage. Hazel
                                                            suggested that Mary should firstly read the IKA Beaumont
                                                            Hospital Book 4 ‘Thinking of Donating a Kidney?’. Mary did
                                                            this and was still determined to donate and pursued the
                                                            whole procedure herself with Beaumont.
                                                               Although I was aware that Mary was still pursuing being
                                                            my donor it was totally to the back of my mind as I never
                                                            expected it to happen. We did meet, one evening, as
                                                            requested by Beaumont, for coffee and a chat so we were at
        Dan Shiel with his kidney  least acquainted beforehand. Approximately 6 months later Beaumont rang me to say that
        donor Mary Moore. This photo  Mary was a good match and they were very happy to go ahead with the transplant on
        was taken at Dan and his  March 21st.
        fiancée Hazel’s wedding
        which took place on July 21st  I had to undergo more tests which went well. Both Mary and I had to attend Beaumont on
        July this year. They all had a  the same day for more tests and to ensure there was no change of mind regarding the
        great day.               transplant. Mary’s husband, Johnny and my fiancée Hazel also attended. Mary was very
                                 adamant to donate knowing that she could change her mind at any time.
                                   We were both admitted on March 20th and the following morning Mary was taken down
                                 first for surgery and, shortly after, I received my kidney transplant. Everything went as well as
                                 we could have wished and straightaway the benefits of my new kidney were obvious in me.
                                   For Mary her recovery was much slower but, thankfully, there were no major problems and
                                 she made a great recovery. She tells me she never felt better.
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