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“Better Health,

                                      Better Living”


                              WHERE DOES THIS COURSE COME FROM?           How to communicate effectively with your
                 This self-                                                health care team
                              The course was designed by Stanford
             management       University in California. It has international   Problem solving and decision making
              programme,      research to show that the course works for   How to set manageable goals
                              people with a chronic health condition. It is   Managing your medications
             known as the     used by many organisations in Ireland, e.g.
           “Better Health,    HSE, Arthritis Ireland, Irish Kidney Association,  WHO IS THE PROGRAMME FOR?
                              as part of their support to their members.   Anyone diagnosed with or on treatment for
            Better Living”
                                                                         kidney failure. Family members can also
            programme by      WHAT ARE SELF-MANAGEMENT SKILLS?           participate in the programme.
                the IKA, is   Self-management skills include the following:
                               Solving problems and responding to your  IS THE PROGRAMME EFFECTIVE?
         designed to help       illness as it gets better or worse         Arthritis Ireland have been running this
             people learn      Maintaining a healthy lifestyle          programme for a number of years. A piece of
          ways to manage       Managing common symptoms                 research they conducted showed the following
                               Making decisions about when to seek      results:
              many of the       medical help and what treatments to try   50% improved ability to cope with their
                symptoms       Working effectively with your healthcare   pain
                                team                                      72% increased amount of regular exercise
               common to                                                  63% better attitude towards living with
                               Using medications safely and effectively
          those living with    Finding and using community resources      their condition
           kidney disease.     Talking about your illness with family and   59% increased knowledge of their
                                friends                                    condition.
                               Adapting your social activities                      (Source: Self-management Arthritis Ireland -

                                             WHAT IS INVOLVED IN THE     WHO RUNS THE PROGRAMME?
                                             PROGRAMME?                    Each session is run by 2 trained leaders -
                                                Six weekly meetings, each  Harry Ward and Peter Pardoe. The leaders
                                             lasting two and a half hours.  understand the challenges of living with the

                                             WHAT TOPICS ARE COVERED?    CAN AN IKA BRANCH ORGANISE A COURSE?
                                                The following topics       Yes. A branch in consultation with the
                                             comprise the six week       trained leaders can organise and run a course.
                                             programme:                  The Cork branch and two of the Dublin
                                              Managing pain, fatigue    branches have already run successful courses.
                                                and difficult emotions     If your branch wishes to organise a course,
                                              Nutrition and exercise    please contact Mike Kelly (  at
                                                methods                  Donor House.

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