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Colin White with members of the Hungarian Team

                                      “You have the OPPORTUNITYto be

                                      PART of something very SPECIAL

                                      –TRANSPLANT TEAM IRELAND.”

                                            ransplant Team Ireland is the name  when it comes to travelling to overseas
                                            given to the Irish Kidney        events. It is quite simple, if your medical
                                            Association’s sports programme.  team is happy for you to engage in your
                                       THowever, any time I talk about the   chosen sports, at an agreed level, then
                                       team I find myself talking of an      you are in. A good sense of humour and
             By COLIN WHITE            extended family rather than an        a spirit of adventure also help as well as a
             TEAM MANAGER              organisational structure. You will see  basic understanding of the rules of your
                                       this theme repeated through the other  chosen event(s).
                                       articles written about our 2017 World   The ‘Games experience’ is about so
                                      Transplant Games experience.           much more than being competitive. Our
                                        Our team is open to people on dialysis  team is looking to simply inspire people
                                      and transplant recipients and supporters  to simply get active. If your goal is to
                                      (family and friends) are also welcome to  complete the 5km road race at next year’s
                                      get involved and they are also considered  European Transplant & Dialysis Sports
                                      part of the family. I am often asked how  Championships in Sardinia (June 17-24)
                                      one qualifies for the team, particularly  you are in. If you are aiming for gold in
                                                                             badminton, you are in. If you want to try
                                                                             a new sport or return to a sport of years
                                                                             ago, you are in. If you want to meet
                                                                             others who are also on the dialysis /
                                                                             transplant journey, you are in.
                                                                             Together we are stronger and together
                                                                             we can make an impact in terms of the
                                                                             promotion of organ donation.
                                                                               Our team is not just a group of people
                                                                             who come together for one week a year
                                                                             to travel to a European or World event.
                                                                             Our team is an extended network of
                                                                             friends that is active 52 weeks of the year
                                                                             - a network of advocates for the
                                                                             importance and success of organ
                                                                             donation for transplantation and if you
                                                                             are not already a member, the door is
                                                                             always open...
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