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Mike Keohane              Sheila Gregan             Angela Sherlock           Orla Hogan Ryan
           In a traditional model, as Manager,  assured that the team’s exploits would  that we were going to have a good
        my role would be to lead the team but  be spread far and wide and more  week! On a personal note, I was
        I do not need to do this. The drive and  importantly the importance of organ  delighted to be re-elected to my
        motivation to move forward comes    donation for transplantation would be  Federation role at the General
        from within the individuals and the  driven home in a very public and   Assembly.
        collective who make up the team. My  positive way. Mark Murphy covered all  From the other articles in this
        role is as facilitator – to open the  the bases. Whether it was         magazine about our Games
        programme to as many people as      transporting people, providing      experience you will see that our team
        possible and to put in any supports I  necessities (the shade at the athletics  indeed had a wonderful time! I always
        can to allow people to achieve their  was great) or keeping everyone    find it very moving to listen to our
        goals.                              entertained - the Duck Race was a   athletes and their sense of
           Our programme is fortunate to    memorable event! He is ever present  appreciation to their donors and
        have so many wonderful people       and always willing to slot in where he  donor families. Everyone’s donor has a
        involved. Our team captain, Harry   is needed.                          special place always and many find
        Ward, is a force of nature! He makes  As an executive member of the     that their participation in the Games is
        things happen and gets people       Council of the World Transplant     a small way in which they can give
        engaged and is always there for a   Games Federation I had a busy run in  thanks to their donor by leading a
        friendly chat or a new introduction –  to the Games in Malaga and had to  healthy and active life and playing a
        and there is always laughter! There  travel out ahead of the team. I and a  part in the promotion of organ
        are so many others across the team  small number of other team members  donation.
        who inspire by their actions,       were in the team hotel in advance of  If you are on dialysis or are a
        encourage with a quiet word or a loud  our main travelling party’s arrival.  transplant recipient you have the
        holler when others are competing and  Watching the bus pull in and seeing  opportunity to be part of something
        who watch out for others so that    how the team had clearly gelled     very special – Transplant Team Ireland.
        everyone knows that they are valued.   brought a smile to my face and I knew  In 2018 you have the opportunity to
           Our ‘back-room’ team for the trip                                                       represent your
        to the Games in Malaga were                                                                country at the
        excellent, as always. Claire Kennedy,                                                      European
        our team doctor, has a wonderful way                                                       Championships
        of balancing the responsibility of                                                         in Sardinia. I am
        looking after us all whilst being a                                                        looking forward
        friend and a supporter. During the                                                         to sharing the
        week she would suddenly appear                                                             Games
        beside me with an ice cream or a                                                           experience with
        drink just to make sure that I was                                                         my wife next
        looking after myself in the heat and                                                       year as she
        this attentiveness was shown to all.                                                       competes in the
           Sarah May has been our travelling                                                       dialysis
        reporter for many years now and she                                                        category. Get in
        has seemingly perfected the ability to                                                     touch and grab
        be everywhere and covering all stories                                                     your
        and always with a smile! With Gwen                                                         opportunity...!
        O’Donoghue back in Ireland we were                    Gwen O’Donoghue, Sarah May

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