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“We had plenty to

                              cheer about...”

              aturday June 24th had finally                                     ‘lending’ Colin to the team so he can
              arrived and Transplant Team                                       look after us all.
              Ireland met in Dublin airport at                                    I would also like to thank Mark
        Sthe start of another adventure                                         Murphy who is always on call and
        that would see us take part in the                                      ready to do what is necessary to
        World Transplant Games in Malaga,                                       ensure that the team has the best
        Spain.                                                                  possible experience at the Games.
           All the team members were there                                      Claire Kennedy, it is a great comfort
        early to check-in suitcases, golf clubs                                 for team members (competitors and
        and bikes. Our wonderful supporters                                     supporters alike) to know that you are
        were ready and willing to help if                                       watching over us, thank you.
        anyone needed it. With everyone in                                        As for our news reporter Sarah
        full team kit we turned heads at the                                    May, what can I say...? Great job
        airport and with Transplant Team                                        making us all sound very good on
        Ireland in large print on our team tops                                 paper! It was great to have Valerie
        it was clear who we were.                                               Brady back with us again – thank you
           I am always amazed at the level of                                   Valerie for all your words of
        excitement and happiness of all the        By HARRY WARD                encouragement and being there at all
        team and our supporters. When we              Team Captain              the events.
        meet new team members for the first                                       We are already actively looking to
        time, within a few minutes they are                                     2018 and the European Transplant &
        just like part of the happy family that  friends and new. We will see some at  Dialysis Sports Championships that
        is Transplant Team Ireland.         the European Transplant & Dialysis  will be held in Cagliari, Sardinia in
           Just to mention at this time, I  Sports Championships in Sardinia next  June. If there is anyone on dialysis
        always think of our fellow team     year and others we will see at the  who would like to get involved, please
        members who are on dialysis and     World Transplant Games in Newcastle,  get in touch. You will be more than
        unable to take part in the World    England in 2019.                    welcome and given the wide range of
        Transplant Games – this could be your  I would like to thank Colin White  sports on offer, you do not necessarily
        year, fingers crossed!              for all the hard work, time and effort  need to be super fit.
           When we pulled up to our team    he puts into making Games week        Take it from me as one who went
        hotel in Malaga it was right on the  special for so many people. I want  to the Europeans whilst on dialysis,
        beach and it turned out to be perfectly  also to mention his lovely wife  you will not regret making that first
        located in terms of local amenities and  Chikoyo for her understanding and  move!
        proximity to the sporting venues.
           Games week was busy for both                                                         Connie Brosnan, Harry Ward
        competitors and supporters with early
        starts and a few late nights! We had
        plenty to cheer about as each day the
        medal tally continued to grow – well
        done to all on medals won and
        personal goals achieved.
           The Irish team is well-known for our
        sportsmanship, fairness and for
        supporting teams from all over the
        world. The Games were a great
        success for our team. I would like to
        thank family members of some of the
        team who maybe only came over for a
        day or two to support their loved one
        but ended up supporting us all.
           At the end of a long and busy week
        it was time to say goodbye to old

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