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pril 9th, 2018 is the 40th anniversary of the
                                                               founding of the IKA. We will of course mark this
                                                               landmark occasion throughout 2018 and I am
                                                        Ahoping that there will be local and national
                                                        celebrations. We are looking for ideas, from across the
                                                        membership, so that both local and national events
                                                        can be co-ordinated.
                                                           There is a patient survey in the centre of this edition
                                                        of SUPPORT and I would ask all kidney patients to
                                                        complete the questionnaire and slip it into the post to
                                                        us (FREEPOST). The EU are funding the survey, which is
                                                        being translated into about 20 languages across all of
                                                        Europe. It is going to inform a research project on the
                                                        differences in access to the choice of treatment options
                                                        in each European country.
                                                           I am optimistic in anticipating that the transplant
                                                        figures for 2017 will be very good with, hopefully,
                                                        some records broken. I am particularly delighted that
                                                        the pancreas transplantation programme has taken off
                                                        again in St. Vincent’s
                                                        Hospital. There are many
                                                        development plans for
                                                        Organ Donation and
                                                        Transplant Ireland (ODTI),
                                                        the procurement service
                                                        which, when enacted,
                                                        will bring Ireland into line
                                                        with the best
                                                        transplanting countries in
                                                        the world.
        Contents...                                     Goggins are the                  Martina and Denis Goggins
                                                           Denis and Martina

                                                        inspirational couple
                                                        behind the Strange Boat

                                         FRONT COVER        2 EDITORIAL

                                         Vivienne Traynor,  4 A CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FROM
                                          IKA ambassador
                                          2016-2017 with         THE NATIONAL CHAIRMAN
                                         Luke Herlihy (10)
                                              Sandycove,    5 A MESSAGE FROM THE
                                           Dublin and his
                                             kidney donor        PATIENT SUPPORT OFFICER
                                          father, Shane at
                                          RTE Donnybrook    6 GLOBAL ORGAN DONOR
                                          at the recording
                                                   of the        COMMEMORATIVE EVENT
                                          Christmas radio
                                           advertisement.   10 WHY DO WE FIND IT SO DIFFICULT

                                                                 TO FORGIVE OURSELVES?

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