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November meeting - Colin White, Harry Ward, Ron Grainger  November meeting - Ron Grainger giving some helpful hints and advice
           Our October meeting had a presentation from IKA    Life’ Ambassador gave a presentation to a large
        Counsellor Mike Kelly. Mike gave his presentation of coping  enthusiastic audience. The talks were all based around
        with your initial diagnosis for both you and your family and  keeping yourself fit before and after transplant and what
        later dealing with transplantation itself. Mike can be  was available to transplant patients at the Transplant
        contacted at any time through Donor House in Dublin.  Games.
        Mike also produces very interesting articles in each edition  Ron gave a demonstration on little exercises patients
        of this magazine.                                     could do to keep themselves active and it was great to see
           Novembers meeting could not be more different. Colin  one of our newest and oldest transplant patients, Tom
        White, IKA Projects Manager, along with Harry Ward, Team  O’Hanlon, replicating everything Ron was showing the
        Captain, Transplant Team Ireland and Ron Grainger, ‘Fit for  group.

          Helen O’Flynn, Fr Cormac Pearse  Ber Kenny  Brid Kavanagh     Liz Hyland          Marlese Walsh

          Michael Kiely                                                 Ethon Keiser        Eabha Egan

          Aimee Louise Fenton  Noreen O’Halloran, Helen O’Sullivan  Photo of the day!       Veronica Higgins, Fr Cormac Pearse
         MASS OF SERVICE AND THANKSGIVING   crowd was in attendance at this     like to thank all those who
            Our annual Mass took place again  beautiful ceremony. This is a very  participated in the Mass and baked
         this year in the Christ the Saviour  important event in the calendar of  for the over 200 people that came in
         Chapel in CUH. Once again a large  the branch and all the officers would  later to the canteen.

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