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                                                FEBRUARY SUPPORT MEETING – February 6th, 2018 at 8pm
           We held a Christmas lunch on
        December 3rd in the Rochestown          Rochestown Park Hotel. Talk on ‘Living Donor Programme’ and the ‘Paired
        Park Hotel, we broke with our           Exchange Programme’.
        usual Christmas night time social       MARCH SUPPORT MEETING – March 6th, 2018 at 8pm Rochestown
        tradition to an afternoon lunch and     Park Hotel. Talk on ‘Dietician and Chef’.
        were delighted with the uptake. A    Dates for your Diary  ORGAN DONOR AWARENESS WEEK LAUNCH – March 29th, 2018 –
        huge word of thanks to Veronica         more details will follow.
        Higgins and Geraldine Bowen for         ORGAN DONOR AWARENESS WEEK – March 31st to April 7th.
        all the hard work that they put into    If you or any member of your family can help with promoting Organ
        organising a great day – we even        Donor Awareness Week please contact us at:
        had a special visitor who went as we may have to look for permits.
        down a treat for all the younger
        members on the day.              CHRISTMAS HAMPERS/MUSIC ON THE WARD   Wednesday and Thursday before
           Days like these are very         We will be doing Christmas hampers  Christmas at approx 2pm. This has
        important as all of us know how  again this year. As usual the hampers  proved very popular with patients and
        important it is to have family   will be for hospital dialysis patients,  nursing staff over the years. Pictures will
        around us during our days of ill  home dialysis patients, transplanted and  follow in the Spring edition.
        health. Special thanks to Denis  other patients. The draw will be        We would like to wish all our
        Hyland for all the photographs he  conducted by the nurses in the hospital  members, family, friends, the medical
        has taken during our last few    who will contact the winners. We will  staff in CUH a happy and
        events.                          have music on the dialysis ward on the  peaceful Christmas.
                                 CORK CHRISTMAS LUNCH AND SANTA

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