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                  The National Chairman

                         s we approach Christmas I would like to take this opportunity to send greetings
                         and good wishes to our members and friends everywhere. Almost six months
                  Aago, last July, you, our members, did me the honour of electing me as your
                                       Honorary National Chairman, and since then my fellow officers,
                                           Valerie Brady and Colin MacKenzie, and myself have been
                                             working hard on your behalf to ensure that your Association
                                                remains faithful to its aims of providing support and
                                                 assistance where needed to all renal sufferers. In this we
                                                  rely as ever on our loyal and hard-working staff at Donor
                                                   House without whose constant commitment we could
                                                    not even start on the journey.
                                                       We are all only too painfully aware of the enormous
                                                     damage that the scandals over the past few years have
                                                     done to the charity sector, with the result that the
                                                     general public has become suspicious of all charitable
                                                    endeavours. This has inevitably affected our
                                                    Association as it has so many others. This means that we
                                                   must now work to restore the public’s respect and
                                                  confidence in our efforts, and everything we do must be
                                                 done from this perspective.
                                                 One recent development which is helping greatly to
                                            reverse the negative attitude of the public towards charities
                                         is the establishment of the Charities Regulatory Authority. We in
                                    the IKA are following closely the recommendations and directives of
                  the Charities Regulator’s Office to ensure that in our charitable work we will always
                  operate at the highest standards of integrity. In this we are also greatly assisted by the
                  guidance provided by The Wheel, which is the umbrella body established to help and
                  support all charities to achieve better governance, and we are working towards
                  achieving full compliance with the Good Governance Code for Charities.
                    Finally, might I wish all our members, staff and friends a happy and blessed Christmas
                  and a successful and peaceful New Year.
                                                                                                JOHN WHELAN

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