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Refreshments at Lord Brandons cottage before the walk through the Gap of Dunloe
           Eileen delivered a
        heartwarming and
        positive speech which
        gave hope and
        reassurance to our
        patients. She spoke
        about the benefit of
        holiday breaks for
        dialysis patients and
        advocates very much for
        this fundamental right.
           We had many new
        patients attending on
        the day, they derived
        great benefit from being
        introduced to other
        patients and families
        who are on the same
        journey. Four year old
        Michael Dowd, from
        Dunquinn in Dingle,     Kerry branch Chairman Con Brosnan and transplant
        who will shortly start  recipient Kathleen Daly, who gave us great support on the
                                     day of the Gap of Dunloe walk.
        dialysis, stole all our                                                 Niall Dennehy and Pat Sheehan
        hearts as he jumped up and down dancing with Santy. We
        wish Michael and all the other patients and families good
        health in the years ahead.
           Finally, as the festive season begins we remember with great
        sadness patients and members who have passed on. We
        congratulate those who have received the ‘gift of life’, long
        may it last. To all our other patients, remember we are here for
        you at any time to offer support.
           We thank all those that care for our patients and those who
        support our ongoing work.
           We are looking forward to the New Year and to the
        challenges ahead.
           Wishing all our families and friends a happy and peaceful
                                                                          Theresa Looney, Sheila McCarthy and Betty Dennehy
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