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                                              Santy and helpers Ava O’Sullivan, Clodagh O’Shea,
             Amanda, Thomas, Denis and Michael O’Dowd  Theresa and Cian O’Gorman      Michael Lawlor and Larri Templeton

                              The Porter family

                                          Cadola, Trish, Michael and Shane O’Connell

         Santy and Clodagh O’Shea           Cian, Brian O’Gorman, Peter O’Shea and Mary and Tony O’Gorman  Santy and Mrs Claus

         Josephine Lawlor and Debbie Templeton        Mary and Willie Goggin    Colm and Nicola Clifford

         Pankaj Sharma and Eileen Phelan               The O’Sullivan family             Dawn O’Sullivan and family
        44                                  IKA S UPPOR T A UTUMN 2017
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