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Dietary Information meeting with Renal Dietitian Mary Byrne
                                            on the day. It was probably the most
                                            effective Organ Donor Awareness
                                            Week that Kildare IKA has had in
                                            many a year. We will burn bigger and
                                            brighter again next year.
                                              All volunteers are welcome for next
                                            year’s crusade. Please contact Branch
                                            Secretary, Liz O’Sullivan on 086-
                                            8263284 or Chairperson Philip
                                            Meagher 085-2501718 if you would       Nicola (donor) and Gerry in Beaumont Hospital
                                            like to volunteer or participate in          just before the transplant.
                                            meetings and activities in the coming  Guest speaker on the night was Dr.
                                            year.                               Anne Marie Tobin (Consultant
                Organ Donor Awareness Week                                      Dermatologist at Tallaght Hospital)
                                            GIFT OF LIFE                        who provided a very informative
           During Organ Donor Awareness       Highlight of the year for one of our  evening for us.
        Week itself, more than 66 volunteers  members, Gerry McKenna (Naas) was   We will provide photos and a more
        around the county gave of their time  the life-saving, life-changing gift of a  extensive review in the next issue of
        to provide information, distribute  kidney from his sister, Nicola on April  SUPPORT.
        donor cards, and raise funding and  10th of this year. We are delighted   We will continue in 2018 to bring
        awareness of the need for more      that both siblings are in great health  expert speakers in to meet our
        kidney donors. Many people walked   and fighting fit as we come to the end  membership so why don’t you join us
        away from the stands having acquired  of the year.                      in the New Year to see what the
        new information, and of course a                                        Kildare branch can do for you.
        donor card intent on discussing their  CHRISTMAS PARTY                    Our next scheduled meeting is Feb
        intentions with their family.         Held in Newbridge on December     5th, 2018 in Celbridge and we look
           A very successful bag packing in  9th our Christmas support celebration  forward to seeing some new faces
        Dunnes Stores, Newbridge on Holy    drew a great crowd on the night.    there and at other venues during the
        Thursday raised awareness and a lot  Everyone enjoyed the food and      coming year.
        of funds. Thanks to all our volunteers  festivities. Congratulations to the spot  Happy Christmas and a healthy
                                            prizewinners.                       New Year to all.
                           Peter Kearney
                                       “SURE IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO?”

                                       The encouraging words being echoed    information points throughout the
                                       by Maynooth University students       campus.
                                       recently. When I was told that I would  The campaign had two objectives. To
                                       have to return to dialysis after over 20  get as many donor cards signed and into
                                       years of successful transplantation I had  people’s wallets and to simply raise
         ORGAN DONOR AWARENESS         two very distinct feelings. Firstly, what  awareness of the importance of organ
         – MAYNOOTH UNIVERSITY         lay ahead of me in the coming weeks   donation. It is challenging to value
                                       and months. Secondly, what can I do?   success of awareness, however, with
         One of our members, Peter Kearney, a  With support from friends, staff at  over 300 cards signed up and out there,
         student at Maynooth University set up  Maynooth University and my local  I feel that makes it very successful.
         a 4-day information and awareness  Kildare IKA branch, I organised a very  After such a great event I hope to
         event for the students at his college.  successful  4-day  Organ  Donor  make this an annual event.
         Peter writes below on the background  Awareness campaign in college. It ran
         and success of the event.     from   November    13th-16th   with                       PETER KEARNEY

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