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MAYO                BY MARIE MELLON

                                               Mayo Annual Remembrance Mass

        2017 is nearly over and all in all it has
        been a successful year for the Mayo
        branch. Our Church Gate collections
        and Organ Donor Awareness Week
        monies are on par, with other years,
        so, thankfully the national negative
        press in relation to other charities
        hasn’t affected the generosity of the
        Mayo people.
           The Renal Unit in Mayo University
        Hospital is working at full capacity.
        Thankfully, we have had five
        transplants this year which is
        encouraging for those waiting for ‘the
        call’. The renal staff also try to
        accommodate holiday patients
        whenever possible.
           We held our annual Remembrance
        Mass in November, which allows all
        who attend a moment of respite in
        the peaceful spiritual surroundings of
        the Fr Peyton Centre. The Fr Peyton
        Centre is at the foot of the Ox
        Mountains, and is dedicated to telling
        the fascinating story of Fr Patrick
        Peyton CSC, the Attymass man who
        brought his simple message of peace
        and family unity to 26 million people
        around the globe. This is a lovely day
        for both transplanted and patients on
        dialysis. Father Gibson, the resident
        priest, makes the whole experience
        very personal to all the patients and
        family members. It is a really lovely
        occasion and a great opportunity to
        catch up.
           The branch officers attended an
        Information Day in Donor House. This
        was an enjoyable and informative day
        and again gave the different branches
        a chance to catch up with the other
        officers and swap ideas which is
        always helpful. Our members do not
        always come out to meetings, so new
        ideas to increase participation is
        always welcome.
           I would like to wish you all a happy
        Christmas from the Mayo branch.
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