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Global Organ Donor

         Commemorative Event

             he end of November marked the
             50th anniversary of the first
             heart transplant performed by
        TDr Christiaan Barnard at Groote
        Schuur Hospital in Cape Town. This
        was celebrated internationally by a
        Global Organ Donor Commemorative
        Event, involving four cities worldwide
        Cape Town, Melbourne, Barcelona,
        and Boston. In each case there was a
        presentation by the Strange Boat
        Donor Foundation of the Candle of
        Life, a stone sculpted copy of the
        original Candle of Life in the ‘Circle of
        Life’ Garden in Salthill, which many of
        you will have visited on the occasion
        of our Service of Remembrance and
        Thanksgiving which was held in
        Galway a number of years ago. The
        purpose of the celebration was to give  and their participation  Association to Beaumont Hospital. I had the privilege
        expression on a world stage to      was not lessened by  and honour to make the presentation of the plaque on
        society's appreciation and gratitude  the seasonal soft rain  behalf of the IKA to Ms Dilly Little, transplant surgeon
        for the life-giving gift made possible  from the West!   in Beaumont.
        through organ donors and their        Each patient group
        families.                           associated with       The plaque is headed Global Organ Donor Commemorative Event,
           There was also our own special   transplantation                 and the text of the IKA plaque reads:
        celebration at the Salthill garden on  presented a special
        Thursday November 30th, again       commemorative                      To commemorate those who
        organised by Denis and Martina      plaque to their                have given the gift of new life to others
        Goggin, the inspiration behind the  relevant hospital:       through organ donation and to celebrate the universality
        Garden, to commemorate all organ    Cystic Fibrosis to St                of this life-giving cause.
        donors within Ireland with an       Vincent’s and the                 Presented in appreciation by the
        acknowledgement to the respective   Mater, the Irish Heart          Irish Kidney Association to the staff of
        transplant hospitals.               & Lung Society to the   Beaumont Hospital in recognition of their contribution to the
           There was a very large attendance,  Mater Hospital, and              advancement and support
        including many organ donor families,  the Irish Kidney
                                                                            of organ donation and transplantation
                                                                                     in Ireland.
                                                                                    30th November 2017.

                                                                                          It was a truly memorable
                                                                                       and moving event.

                                                                                                   JOHN WHELAN
                                                                                                    IKA Honorary
                                                                                               National Chairman

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