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“To commemorate those who have given the

                                                              gi of new life to others”

         Denis and Martina Goggins
                                                                         Barcelona                        Belfast

                                             Gregory Savona, nephew of Denis Goggin, who represented Strange  Mia Carter whose mother, Denise's organs were
                                             Boat Donor Foundation with Nessa Lynch and Fiadhna McMonagle of  donated following her death in child birth in 2009,
                                              the ODTI at the presentation of the commemorative plaque at the  lighting a candle of remembrance for organ donors
                                                       Hospital Clínic in Barcelona.   and their families at the event in Belfast.

         Ms Dilly Little (Senior Transplant Surgeon), Beaumont Hospitaland
         John Whelan, IKA National Chairman


                                             Brian Stynes (right), brother of the late Jim Stynes, who represented
                                               Strange Boat Donor Foundation, Barb Mortimor who donated
                                              her son's organs in 2004, and Richard Bryant, friend of Australian,
                                                David Gumbleton, whose organs were donated in Galway
                                               some years ago and whose daughter, Iseult participated in the
                                                       event at the ‘Circle of Life’.

         Mayor of Galway, Cllr. Pearce Flannery

                                                                                 Siobhán Brosnan, Organ Donor Nurse Manager at Limerick
                                                                         Cape Town  Goggin who represented Strange Boat Donor Foundation, Breda
                                                                                 Regional Hospital, Diarmuid O'Leary, brother-in-law of Denis
                                                                                Doyle, Organ Donor Nurse Manager at Cork University Hospital
                                                                                who with Siobhán represented the ODTI at the commemorative
                                             Peadar Ó hIcí, Secretary of the Galway Branch of the IKA (third from  event with Karen McFarland, Director, Health and Community
                                               left) at the unveiling of the candle sculpture in Cape Town.   Department, Derry City and Strabane District Council.

         Dr. Emer Curran, Consultant Intensivist at GUH
         who represented the ODTI.


         Martina Goggin with James Harrold, Galway City Arts Officer who  The Boston commemoration took place at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital
         was MC for the event
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