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Global Organ Donor Commemorative Event

                                    Open letter of
                               appreciation and gratitude
                           to Organ Donors and their Families
                      Today, as we approach the golden jubilee of the world’s first
                   heart transplant in Cape Town, South Africa, we wish to acknowledge
                  the gift of life that is made possible by organ donors and their families.
                   The ripple effect of this gift reaches beyond the individual recipients
                           to benefit their families and society at large.

                   Through this commemorative event the island of Ireland is reaching
                   out to share its voice with major continental cities and world leading
                 transplant centres in expressing society’s appreciation and gratitude of your
                               courage and selfless generosity.

                  We recognise that the decision to donate a loved one’s organs is made at
                 a time of trauma and great personal loss. However, if family members share
               their wishes in advance it can make this decision a little easier and give purpose
                       and meaning to a situation that is otherwise inexplicable.
                    It is an act of true humanity that can, at an almost impossible time,
                    shine a ray of light into what is otherwise an extremely dark place.
                   This act offers enduring consolation that a loved one’s legacy will be
                          a mantle of heroism, generosity and compassion.
                   At this special commemorative event we express profound gratitude
                  for your extraordinary generosity that enabled you, in your moments of
                         deepest grief, to reach out so selflessly to strangers.
                       We would like to express our sincere wish that your lives
                       might be forever blessed by your decision and that the gift
                       by your beloved family member shines a continuous light   Martina & Denis with Cllr. Frank Fahy, Galway City Council with
                          of consolation and joy that will enrich your lives   Valerie Moriarty, acting Chairperson of Galway Civic Trust
                                  and humanity at large.

                                                                               Jack Mulveen, Galway Civic Trust with Martina & Denis.
         Robert McCutcheon, Chairman of the IHLTA (left) and Philip Watt, CEO, Cystic Fibrosis Ireland (third from right)  The Trust plays an important role in the ongoing maintenance and
         with heart and lung transplant recipients.                            upkeep of the Circle of Life Garden)
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