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Kidney Disease

                                                                          — A Guide for Patients

                                           PROGRESSIVE KIDNEY DISEASE

            There are many factors that
            can affect the rate of decline                   Kidney Disease
            in kidney function.
            THESE INCLUDE:

            ● Underlying cause of
                kidney disease.
            ● Blood pressure control
            ● Use of certain anti-
                hypertensive drugs, such
                as Angiotensin Converting
                Enzyme (ACE) inhibitors.
            ● The success of blood         Hypertension
                glucose control, in                                                      Blood Vessel
                patients with diabetes.                                                      Damage
            ● Control of cholesterol

           Blood pressure control is one of the factors that can have the biggest influence in slowing the
        progression of kidney disease. The target blood pressure for any patient with kidney disease should be
        around 120/80 mmhg. The use of blood pressure medicines called angiotensin, converting enzyme
        inhibitors or angiotension II blocking inhibitors, has a considerable benefit in slowing progression of kidney
        disease. Examples of these medicines would include:
                      ● Captopril ● Quinapril ● Enalapril ● Valsartan ● Losartin

                    Impact of Strategies to slow progression of Kidney Disease

           Stage I

           Stage II

           Stage III

                                                          Good BP control
           Stage                                    Poor BP control  Good BP control and ACE inhibitors

           Stage V   Need for Dialysis or Transplant

                                                                       Years saved from Dialysis by good
                                                                       Blood Pressure control and ACE inhibitors
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