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ndependent of the cause of initial kidney injury, kidney function may continue to slowly
            deteriorate. This is associated with high blood pressure, worsening proteinuria and rising
        Iserum creatinine. Many people who have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) do not know it
        because the early signs can be very subtle. It can take many years to go from CKD to End
        Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD). Some people with CKD live out their lives without ever reaching
           In fact, the majority of people with kidney disease have no symptoms when first diagnosed
        and are diagnosed on the basis of blood or urine tests.
           However, for people at any stage of kidney disease, knowledge is power. Knowing the
        symptoms of kidney disease can help you get the treatment you need to feel your best.

          SYMPTOM 1:
          Kidneys make urine, so when the kidneys are failing, the urine may
          change. How? You may have to get up often at night to urinate.
          Urine may be foamy or bubbly. You may urinate more often, or in
          greater amounts than usual, with pale urine. You may urinate less
          often, or in smaller amounts than usual with dark coloured urine.
          Your urine may contain blood. You may feel pressure or have
          difficulty urinating.

                                WHAT PATIENTS SAY:
                     “My urine is what I started noticing first.

                 I would frequently want to go to the bathroom
              and when I got there I could only pass a few drops.”

        SYMPTOM 2:

        Failing kidneys don't remove enough fluid which                                                © 2007 Jazz Communications Limited
        then builds up in your body causing swelling in
        the legs, ankles, feet, face and hands.

                WHAT PATIENTS SAY:
                 “I had a lot of swelling
                      in my ankles.
                 My ankles were so big
             I couldn’t get my shoes on.”

                                                                     Your tests reveal that
                                                                  you are retaining fluids!

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