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Kidney Disease
                                                                          — A Guide for Patients

                                                                                         SYMPTOM 8:
                                                   WHAT PATIENTS SAY:                    FEELING COLD
                                                    “I noticed sometimes                 Anaemia can make you
                                                        I get really cold                feel cold all the time,
                                                           like chills.”                 even in a warm

                                                                         SYMPTOM 9:
                                                                         DIZZINESS AND TROUBLE
                             WHAT PATIENTS SAY:                          CONCENTRATING
                        “My memory disimproved a lot -                   Anaemia related to kidney disease
                      I couldn’t remember what I did last                means that your brain is not
                          week or maybe 2 days ago.                      getting enough oxygen. This,
                          I couldn’t really concentrate                  combined with uraemia, can lead to
                            on my crossword puzzles                      memory problems, trouble with
                                    or reading.”                         concentrating, and dizziness.

        SYMPTOM 10:
        FLANK PAIN
        Some people with kidney problems may have pain in the back or side related to the affected kidney.
        However, most patients with kidney disease do not experience any pain at all.

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