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Beaumont Hospital
                                                                                                PO Box 1297

                                                                                            Beaumont Road
                                                                                                      Dublin 9

                he Beaumont Transplant Foundation was         concurrently. The benefits of this surgery are
                founded in 1988 with the purpose of           inestimable. As a centre for excellence, in the field of
                providing patient care education and research  transplantation, the Beaumont Transplant Unit has
        Tin the field of kidney transplantation in            also developed a ‘living donor’ programme.
        Ireland. Since that time, the Beaumont Transplant        In 2009, the Beaumont Transplant Foundation
        Foundation has allowed many new developments to       celebrated 45 years of kidney transplantation.  Over
        take place and has assisted, in several education and  the last 45 years, 3,700 people in Ireland  have
        research programmes, in the area of kidney            received the ‘gift of life’ through kidney
        transplantation. These programmes have been made      transplantation, with patient outcomes improving
        possible through hard work and great support from     consistently.
        individuals, companies and sporting organisations        The Beaumont Transplant Foundation will continue
        throughout Ireland. This support and generosity has   to organise fund-raising events, on an ongoing basis,
        facilitated many groundbreaking programmes and        in order to develop programmes to provide patient
        enabled the Transplant Unit, at Beaumont, to become   care education and research programmes. If you or
        a world leader in its field.                          your family or friends are interested in participating,
           Since 1992, the Transplant Unit has been           in any of these events, we would love to hear from
        performing simultaneous kidney and pancreatic         you, and would appreciate your support, no matter
        transplants on diabetic patients. At present, the     how big or small. Whether you would like to become
        Beaumont Transplant Unit is the only facility in the  a fundraiser or a sponsor, your efforts are warmly
        32 counties that can perform this surgery             appreciated.

                                           IRISH KIDNEY ASSOCIATION (IKA)

                                The Irish Kidney Association (IKA) is a national voluntary organisation of patients,
                                family carers and supporters which offers support for all patients with end stage
                                kidney disease. Throughout its 25 local branches, patients can meet other kidney
                                patients and share experiences, problems and, most importantly, solutions.

                                On a national and local level the IKA organises ‘World Kidney Day’ functions, around
                                the third Thursday in March, to raise awareness of kidney disease in Ireland. The
          Association is better known for its national organ donor awareness campaigns the biggest of which takes
          place in the first week of April each year.

          The IKA provides holidays, every year, for kidney patients who are either receiving dialysis
          treatment or are transplanted. It also has a Support Centre, in the grounds of
          Beaumont Hospital, which offers on-campus accommodation for kidney patients
          and their families attending any Dublin hospital and short-term accommodation for
          the families of seriously ill patients from outside the Dublin area.

          IRISH KIDNEY ASSOCIATION, Donor House, Block 43A, Parkwest,
          Dublin 12. Ph: 01-6205306. Lo-Call: 1890-543639 (1890-KIDNEY).
          Email: Web:

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