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Kidney Disease
                                                                          — A Guide for Patients

                                                                   What preparation is required?
                A plain abdominal x-ray is used to show the
             kidneys, urethra and bladder (KUB). It also indicates  There is no preparation required for
                                                                   this test.
             the size, shape, position and the presence or
             absence of one or both kidneys.

                                                                                         Kidney Ultrasound Scan

        KIDNEY ULTRASOUND SCAN                               What preparation is required?
           This is a non-invasive procedure where a          You will be asked to wear a hospital gown.
        transducer (sonar probe) is moved in close           Depending on the area of ultrasound you
        contact over the skin over the area of               may be asked to fast prior to the procedure.
        investigation and it can be repeated frequently      Your doctor/nurse will inform you if this is
        if necessary. Ultrasound is used to determine        necessary.
        the size and shape of the kidneys, to check both        There are no risks attached to this
        kidneys are present, location of kidneys and is      procedure.
        useful in detecting cysts.

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