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        A kidney biopsy is an important test to either establish why the kidneys have stopped working
        properly or to confirm a diagnosis of rejection in transplant patients.

                                                                                  What preparation is
                                                                 Kidney biopsy
                                                                                    You are admitted to the
                                                                                  ward the day before or to
                                                                                  kidney day care at 07.30am
                                                                                  on the morning of your
                                                                                  biopsy. You will be asked to
                                                                                  fast from 12 midnight the
                                                                                  night before the procedure.
                                                                                  Your blood pressure will be
                                                                                  checked and a blood sample
                                                                                  taken to ensure that it is safe
                                                                                  to proceed.
                                                                                     The doctors will discuss
                                                                                  the complications to you and
                                                                                  obtain a written consent. The
                                                                                  doctor will instruct you on any
                                                                                  medications that need to
                                                                                  be stopped prior to the
                                                                                  procedure e.g. warfarin.

        P.24 Kidney Disease — A Guide for Patients
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