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           Potassium is a mineral found in many
        foods, mainly fruits, vegetables and
        potatoes. It is necessary for muscle                                                           © 2007 Jazz Communications Limited
        contractions but a very high level in the
        blood can be dangerous as it may cause
        irregular heart rythym. If your potassium
        levels increase, above normal, you will need
        to avoid certain foods that are high in
        potassium as advised by your  dietician. High
        sources of potassium in the diet include
        bananas, dried fruit, peas, beans, spinach
        and potato products such as chips and crisps.
           The dialysis diet provides enough
        potassium to meet the needs of your body,                We’re a little concerned
        while preventing accumulation between                  about your potassium levels
        dialysis sessions.

         If   you    are    treated   with
         haemodialysis     or   peritoneal
         dialysis you may need to limit
         your fluid intake. The amount of
         fluid you will be allowed depends
         on the amount of urine you
         produce. You can reduce your fluid
         intake     by     using      small
         cups/glasses, and spacing out
         your drinks throughout the day.
         You can also help prevent thirst by
         limiting the amount of salt and
         salty foods that you eat.
            Each person, with kidney
         disease, is very different and so
         are their needs and requirements.
         The dietary advice you are given
         depends on a number of factors
         including the stage of kidney
         disease, the type of treatment
         you are on, your blood results,
         your body weight, and the                Over 100 special recipes created by Ireland’s top
         presence     of   other   medical        chefs, for adults living with kidney disease. Perfect
         conditions e.g. diabetes mellitus,       for entertaining or for planning that special meal
         high cholesterol levels. The             that is suitable for all to enjoy.
         dietician will, therefore, provide
         you with information that is                        ORDER YOUR COPIES NOW.
         designed for you as an individual
         to suit your own specific needs.

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