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Kidney Disease
                                                                          — A Guide for Patients

        USED DRUGS
           When you have kidney
        disease, you need to be very
        careful     with     all   your
        medications. You need to make
        sure your doctor knows that you
        have kidney disease before he
        prescribes    you    any    new
        medications or alters your dose.
        Only take medication that is
        prescribed for you. Please inform
        your doctor or chemist if you plan
        to take herbal medication as some
        of these may interact with your
        regular medication. Similarly, you
        need to be very cautious of many
        ‘over-the-counter’    medications
        which are easily available. Some of these         For pain control you should take
        include:                                       simple analgesics such as Panadol or Solpadeine. If you
        ● NSAIDS or anti-inflammatories should be      need something stronger, speak with your doctor.
           avoided. Examples of these would              It is very important that you know your
           include: Ponstan, Neurofen, Ibuprofen,      medications and how they work. Your healthcare
           Advil, Difene, Voltarol, etc.               team will work alongside you to achieve this.

                                                I Know                                   DRUGS

                                                you need                              TO AVOID

                                          enough medicines                               Ponstan

                                           for your holiday

                                              - but this                                 Neurofen

                                                     is                                  Ibuprofen

                                                 ridiculous                              Advil



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