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Good handwashing
                                                                                                      practice is
                                                                                               essential to avoid
                                                                                                   the spread of

                                                  WHAT CAN PATIENTS DO TO HELP REDUCE THE SPREAD
                                                  OF INFECTIONS IN HOSPITALS?
                                                  Patients can help reduce the risk of all infections spreading by:
                                                  ● Washing hands or using alcohol gel after using the toilet and
                                                     before meals.
                                                  ● Reminding staff to wash their hands, or use alcohol gel
                                                     before they care for you.
                                                  ● Advising visitors who are feeling unwell not to visit.
                                                  ● Advising visitors to wash their hands before and after visiting
                                                     and to avoid going from one ward to another during visiting
                                                  ● Seeking advice from ward staff if young children wish to visit.
                                                  ● Complaining to the ward sister/consultant or any staff
                                                     member if the general ward hygiene is not satisfactory or if
                                                     staff are not washing their hands.

                   This hospital, along with all hospitals in the country, is working hard to reduce
                   the spread of all infections in hospitals by:
                   ● Improving hygiene throughout the hospital;
                   ● Improving hand hygiene of staff and patients;
                   ● Implementing antibiotic policies;
                   ● Education of staff, patients and visitors;
                   ● Increasing space between beds and number of single rooms especially as
                      new wards are built.

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