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        Patients who need financial aid, outside of the Social Welfare system, may be entitled to
        assistance from the Community Welfare Officer (CWO), who is based at your local Health Centre.
        As a kidney patient, you may apply for various allowances such as Diet Supplement or Heating
        Allowance. Your Patient Care Co-ordinator will advise on the relevant allowances for you and will
        write to your local CWO to support your application as required.

                        For free information on your rights and entitlements contact:

                                        CITIZENS INFORMATION

                                Tel: 0761-07 4000 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm)
                                     for your local Citizens Information Centre.

                                          LOCAL AUTHORITY GRANTS

          The Housing Adaption Grant for people               The Housing Aid for Older Persons Scheme
          with a disability                                   This is a means-tested grant and is used to
          This is a means tested grant to make a house        improve the condition of the older person’s home.
          suitable for a person with a disability. The grant  The type of work that is grant-aided includes
          can help you to make changes and adaptions to       structural repairs or improvements, rewiring repair
          your home - for example, making it wheelchair       or replacement of windows and doors, the
          accessible, extensions to create more space,        provision of water, heating and sanitary services,
          adding ground floor bathroom or toilet or stair     cleaning and painting, or any other improvement
          lift.                                               work considered necessary.
             If you only require minor work you can apply        Apply to the housing department, of your local
          for the Mobility Aids Grant Scheme. This ia a       authority, for each of these schemes. You may
          means tested grant to provide mobility              need an Occupational Therapist (OT) to assess
          equipment, e.g. the installation of grab-rails, a   your daily living needs in support of your
          level access shower or a stair lift.                application.

                                                                        SECURITY FOR THE ELDERLY
                                                              Local community groups sometimes have funding
               “Local community groups
                                                              to provide security aids such as personal alarms,
              sometimes have funding to                       security lighting, mobility and safety aids. Your local

            provide security aids, such as                    Citizen’s Advice Bureau might know if such
         personal alarms, security lighting,                  schemes exist, in your area, or you can apply to the
                                                              HSE Local Authority or the Gardai. Online and
               mobility and safety aids.”                     written information on all entitlements is available

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