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Kidney Disease
                                                                          — A Guide for Patients

                                              FOLLOWING DISCHARGE
          The transition to kidney replacement therapy and/or transplantation is eased by the constant
          presence of medical and nursing staff while you remain in hospital. Once discharged, it is now time
          for you to adjust to this new way of life within the context of your own home and family life. There
          are many different ways that illness can affect your life. Maybe you are too unwell to do housework
          and need some home help. Perhaps you need meals-on-wheels. Whatever your requirements, your
          Patient Care Co-Ordinator will liaise with the relevant community services to ensure you have the
          appropriate support after your hospital stay.

        PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE (PHN)                             MEALS-ON-WHEELS
        If you require any nursing care, following your       These are
        discharge, you will be referred by the hospital to    organised on a
        your Public Health Nurse, who is based in your        voluntary
        local Health Centre. The Patient Care Co-Ordinator    basis and,
        will ensure the PHN has all the necessary             again, a
        information required and will liaise with them        financial
        with regard to your care.                             contribution
                                                              may be required. Your Patient Care Co-Ordinator or
                                                              PHN will be able to ascertain if this service is
        HOME HELP SERVICE                                     available in your area and, if so, will make the
        Home help is available and works with vulnerable      necessary arrangements.
        people in the community who, through illness or
        disability, are in need of help with day-to-day
        tasks.                                                COMMUNITY REHABILITATION TEAM
           A home helper might visit for a couple of hours,   The community rehabilitation team provides a
        per day, to help with housework, shopping and         home-led rehabilitation service for patients who
        might provide more personal care like help with       meet the rehabilitation criteria.
        washing, dressing or bathing.                            The rehabilitation team consists of patients
           Once you have been referred by the Patient         and their families, nurses, physiotherapists and
        Care Co-Ordinator or the Public Health Nurse, the     occupational therapists. Patients can be referred to
        local Home Help Organiser will assess you and         other services such as dietetics, chiropody, speech
        approve the provision of a Home Help as               and language therapy, home help services and care
        appropriate.                                          agencies as required.

                                            HSE LOCAL HEALTH OFFICES
               Your local health office is your entry point to community health and personal social services.
               The wide range of services that are provided through local Health Offices and from Health
               Centres include general practitioner services, public health nursing, child health services,
               community welfare, chiropody, ophthalmic, speech therapy, social work, addiction counselling
               and treatment, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychiatric services and home help.

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