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               exual problems are common for         of these feelings.
              men and women who suffer from             Contraception is important for people
        Skidney disease. Not only are                with kidney disease. Do not assume that
        emotional problems likely to occur as a      because you have kidney disease, you
        result of the stress of the disease, but     cannot conceive a child. Most methods of
        there are also a number of medical           contraception are suitable. Barrier
        problems that can affect sexual function     methods     such    as   condoms      and
        and fertility, both in men and women.        diaphragms can be used. The coil can           REPRODUCTIVE MATTERS
           Emotional problems are common.            sometimes cause infection and heavy
        Patients may find themselves going           periods. The contraceptive pill has a
        through a grieving process due to loss of    tendency to raise blood pressure,
        kidney function, which may affect their      sometimes one of the combined forms of
        independence, their job, and their role in   oestrogen     and    progesterone     are
        the family. Some patients experience a       prescribed. The morning after pill may be
        change in body image. Dialysis can lead to   used in the usual manner.
        lowered self-esteem, coupled with anger         Fertility levels vary during different
        and depression, which can affect sexual      stages of kidney disease. Women of
        function. The balance in the relationship    childbearing age do not often get
        may have changed – one seeing                pregnant while on kidney replacement
        themselves as the carer and the other in     therapy as the treatment only replaces a
        a sick role. Couples need to communicate     small percentage of kidney function,
        to one another their feelings and fears.     which, in turn, can interfere with egg
        Counselling can facilitate the exploration   production.

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