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               our kidney health care team has many years of experience treating
               people with kidney disease. If you have a question or are looking for
        Yinformation, ask any member of your healthcare team. If they can’t
        help, they will refer you to someone who can. Do not hesitate to ask.
           Because your kidney healthcare team is important to you, we describe, in
        this chapter, the roles and skills of each team member. This may help you to
        decide which people it may be beneficial to consult.

                                          Professor                                   Dr. Magee
                                       Peter Conlon                                                 YOUR KIDNEY HEALTHCARE TEAM

        A Nephrologist (or Consultant) is a doctor who specialises in kidney disease and who,
        together with you and the other members of the healthcare team, plans the best
        treatment for you.

         Dr. Mark Denton                            Dr Conal O’Sheaghdha                                Dr. Declan
                                                                                                        De Freitas

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