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Kidney Disease
                                                                          — A Guide for Patients

        The Nephrologist in a teaching hospital will typically have a team of non-consultant hospital
        doctors assisting them in your care. These doctors include the following:

                                                               SENIOR HOUSE OFFICER
                                                               The senior house officer will be at least 1 year
                                                               post-graduation from medical school and is training
                                                               in the general aspects of hospital medicine.

                                                               In the first year after graduation from medical
                                                               school, all medical students must spend a year of
                                                               training in the hospital to learn the fundamentals
                                                               of hospital medicine

                                                               MEDICAL STUDENTS
                                                               Training hospitals will have many medical students.
                                                               These students will talk to you about how the
                            Professor Peter Conlon (left) and his team
                                                               disease has affected you. They will also ask for
        RENAL REGISTRAR                                        permission to examine you. This is how they
        A renal registrar will have completed at least 3       become a doctor themselves one day. On ward
        years of post-graduate medical education. They will    rounds frequently the Registrar or Consultant will
        be responsible for the supervision of the Senior       ask the medical student to present their findings
        House Officers and Interns. A registrar will typically  about you and your condition to the team. It is your
        be participating in a 4 to 5 year training programme   choice to specify that you do not wish to see
        on kidney diseases.                                    medical students if you are not feeling up to it.

                                     Sr. Maureen McNulty, CNM2   Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nurse Clinicians or Nurse
                                              St. Peter’s Ward  Practitioners may also be part of the team. On each
                                                              ward, a Clinical Nurse Manager will be responsible
                                                              for the day-to-day management of the unit.

                                                               Petrina Donnelly, CNM
                                                               and Mary Joseph

        Nephrology nurses work closely with you, your
        family and other team members. They will teach
        you and your family about your kidney disease and
        its treatment, and support you in the lifestyle
        changes that you may need to make. In some units,

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