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Olive McEnroe, Ruth O’Malley and Louise McSkeane
                                                                              Ambulatory Care Nurses

                                                              AMBULATORY CARE
                Margaret Hanna, Renal Nurse Counsellor        You will meet the Ambulatory Care Nurses in the
                                                              out-patient department. They will provide you with
                 RENAL NURSE COUNSELLOR                       education and support and will make referrals to
        Many kidney units in Ireland have access to a         other members of the team, on your behalf. They
        Counsellor who has specific experience in looking     will also co-ordinate the necessary tests if you are
        after patients with chronic kidney disease. Being     deemed suitable for a transplant.
        diagnosed with kidney disease can be very
        difficult for you, your partner and your family. The  PATIENT CARE CO-ORDINATOR (PCC)
        Renal Counsellor will work closely with you and       Your Patient Care Co-Ordinator is available to
        your family to help adjust to this new lifestyle.     provide supportive counselling to you and your
                                                              family. You may benefit from discussing emotional,
                                                              financial, family or other concerns with your Patient
                                                              Care Co-Ordinator as you try to understand and
                                                              adjust to the changes that result from having
        STUDENT NURSES                                        kidney disease. They can also assist you with
        Currently it takes four years at university to        information about community resources and
        become a registered nurse. Student nurses spend       financial aid programs.
        much of this time rotating in different areas
        within the hospital. Student nurses will
        have different levels of experience,
        according to what year they are studying in

        The dietician will instruct you on the proper
        food choices you may need to make as part
        of your treatment. Following consultation
        with your doctor and yourself, the  dietician
        will then prepare a daily eating plan.

                                                            Mary T. Murphy, Eileen McBrearthy and Angela Bagnell,
                                                                        Patient Care Co-ordinators

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