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Kidney Disease
                                                                          — A Guide for Patients

                                                  A surgeon is a
                                                  trained in
                                                  surgery. A
                                                  surgeon will
                                                  perform the
                                                  operation to
                                                  access for
                                                  dialysis, or to
                                                  transplant a
             Mr. David Hickey, Transplant Surgeon

                     YOUR FAMILY DOCTOR (GP)
           It is important that you continue to visit your
           family doctor. He, or she, knows you and your
           family best. Your kidney healthcare team will take
           excellent care of any problem associated with your
           kidney disease. However, your family doctor is best
           suited to provide preventative healthcare check-
           ups, such as pap smears and prostate
           examinations, and to look after any other
           healthcare needs. The kidney healthcare team
           will communicate with your GP on a
           regular basis.

                                                                             The role of the co-ordinator is to
                                                                             serve as recipient co-ordinator for
                                                                             people awaiting kidney transplant.
                                                                             They facilitate and co-ordinate
                                                                             live kidney donation as well as
                                                                             co-ordinating donor referrals.

                                                                              TRANSPLANT CO-ORDINATORS
                                                                              (L-R): Regina Reynolds, Laura Donovan,
                                                                              Phyllis Cunningham and Andrea
                                                                              Fitzmaurice. Missing from photo:
                                                                              Aileen Counihan
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