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             Exercise is vitally important to both your physical and mental health. Staying physically fit will
             give you more energy. With more energy, you will feel like doing more things which will improve
             your outlook and speed your return to your usual lifestyle. Talk to your healthcare team about
             a suitable exercise or sports program before you begin (or resume) these activities.

        There are many benefits to be enjoyed
        from exercise and these include:
        ● Improved physical functioning
        ● Better blood pressure
        ● Improved muscle strength
        ● Lower level of blood fats                          Frequency
        ● Better sleep                                          To ensure that you get a
        ● Better control of body weight                      positive effect, exercise at least three times
        ● Reduced risk of heart disease                       a week. Unless you exercise this often, your physical
        ● Development of stronger bones                       conditioning will not improve. Spread the exercise
        ● Reduced stress and depression                       over the week. Do not do it all on consecutive days.
        ● Meeting people                                      This gives your body time to recover and build up
        ● Having fun.                                         your muscles and energy for the next time.

        If you are interested in getting and staying fit, then  Intensity
        remember the F.I.T.T principle. Studies have shown        Unless you exercise hard enough, you are not
        that for it to be effective you must exercise:         going to get much benefit from it. There are
        ● Frequently                                            different ways to measure intensity. One of the
        ● Reach a minimum Intensity                             most common is by measuring your heart rate as
        ● Continue for a minimum length of Time                 you exercise. Talk to your doctor or someone who
        ● Do an appropriate Type of exercise                    specialises in physical conditioning.

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