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Kidney Disease
                                                                          — A Guide for Patients

        The exercise must last at least 15 minutes
        to be effective. Any less, and your physical
        conditioning will not change. If you’re not
        able to exercise continuously for that long,
        try doing it a little less vigorously, or pause
        for a couple of minutes to catch your breath,
        then keep going. The longer you keep it up,
        the more good it will do you.

        Some exercises are better than others. Some of
        the best are walking, swimming, and riding a
        bicycle. They get most of your muscles working
        and increase your heart rate to a healthy level. You
        can also adjust the intensity to suit your level of
        fitness. Best of all, they’re fun to do.
           Before you start a vigorous exercise program,
        check with your healthcare team-they can advise
        you on which exercises are best for you, and which
        ones, if any, you should avoid.

                                       GENERAL HEALTH ADVICE

                                    NUTRITION                             ● Avoid adding salt to foods.
                                    Eat a healthy diet, this means        ● Adhere to diet restrictions
                                    eating a wide variety of foods, in       such    as    low    salt,   low
                                    the correct amounts, to ensure           cholesterol and diabetic diets
                                    good health. Important points:           according    to    doctors’   or
                                    ● Eat three main meals a day.            dieticians’ instructions.
                                    ● Avoid fried and fatty foods.        ● Fluid restrictions may be
                                    ● Eat more fruit and vegetables.         necessary to maintain, please
                                    ● Eat more fibre rich foods.             follow your doctor’s advice
                                    ● Reduce sugary foods and                regarding same.
                                       sweetened drinks.

                                                         WEIGHT CONTROL/EXERCISE
                                    Exercise has a positive affect on blood pressure, cholesterol levels and
                                    the functioning of the heart and lungs even if you do not lose weight.
                                       Adopt a regular exercise pattern if one does not exist in your life. This
                                    is essential to maintain a healthy body weight and decrease the risk of

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