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               Please attend all Out-Patient or other clinic appointments to ensure a continuous
              record of medical history. If you are unable to attend any scheduled appointments,
                            please inform the department for further available dates.

              “Please keep a
             list of all current
          medications with you            Please keep a list of your current medications with you on all health
          on all health visits as      visits, as it is important to have an up-to-date record. Medications, not
          it is important to have      prescribed by your doctor, should not be taken.
              an up-to-date
                                          Avoid herbal remedies without seeking medical advice, as some may
                                       interact with specific medications.

            Decreasing stress will improve your psychological health,
         which is essential to general health and well-being.
            Further help may be sought from the kidney nurse
         counsellor or therapist.

            If you are currently smoking, try firstly to cut
        back and, over a period of time, to cease.
           Smoking damages the lungs and puts you at
        risk of lung cancer.
                           Smoking tobacco, marijuana or
                           other drug use is harmful to
                                  Any form of ‘recreational
                             drugs’, such as ecstasy, speed
                             or cocaine, can have a serious
                            effect on your body and mind.
                                          These drugs may
                                         also interact with
                                         your medications.           ALCOHOL INTAKE
                                                                        Alcohol is high in sugars and calories.
                                                                     Excess alcohol can increase your
                                                                     triglyceride level and promote weight gain.
                                           “Any form of
                                                                        Use sugar free mixers such as diet
                                       ‘recreational drugs’
                                                                     minerals or slimline tonic.
                                     such as ecstasy, speed
                                                                        Have 2-3 alcohol free days per week
                                     or cocaine can have a
                                                                     and, when taking alcohol, do not exceed
                                        serious effect on
                                                                     the recommended limits:
                                         your body and
                                                                     (A) Men: 21 units per week.
                                             mind.”                  (B) Women: 14 units per week.

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