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        The kidneys…
        ● Filter and remove the waste products of the body.
        ● Remove excess water from the body.

        ● Help in the production of red blood cells, which are used to
           carry oxygen around the body.

        ● Help maintain healthy bones.
        ● Help regulate blood pressure in the body.

                                                HOW KIDNEYS WORK:
                                                   As blood flows through the body it picks up waste and carries
                                                this to the kidneys using the kidney arteries. The waste in your
                                                blood comes from the normal breakdown of active tissues and
                                                from the food you eat. Your body uses food for energy and self-
                                                repair. After the body has taken what it needs, from the food, the
                                                waste is sent to the blood. The kidneys filter out the waste
                                                products and excess fluids from the body and dispose of them in
                                                the form of urine, via the bladder. The clean blood flows back to
                                                the other parts of the body. If your kidneys did not remove this
                                                waste, it would build up in the blood and cause damage to your
                                                   The actual filtering occurs in tiny units inside your kidneys
                                                called nephrons. Each kidney contains about a million nephrons.
                                                In the nephron, a glomerulus (which is a tiny blood vessel or
                                                capillary) intertwines with a urine collecting tube called tubules.
                                                A complicated chemical exchange takes place, as waste materials
                                                and water in your blood enter your urinary system.

         P.4 Kidney Disease — A Guide for Patients
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