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Kidney Disease
                                                                          — A Guide for Patients


         TERM                             DEFINITION

         Haematuria                       Blood in the urine.

         Hepatitis                        An infection of the liver. Can be passed on by blood contact.

         Kidneys                          Two bean-shaped body organs where urine is produced. Functions of the
                                          kidney include removal of toxic waste, removal of excess fluid, controls
                                          blood pressure, helps to produce red blood cells and helps to keep bones
                                          strong and healthy.

         Nephron                          Small filtering unit in the kidney, made up of blood vessels and tubules.

         Oedema                           A build up of fluid causing swelling, especially ankles and the lungs.

         Oliguric                         Passing low levels of urine.

         Potassium                        A mineral that is normally present in the blood. Too much or too little
                                          can cause complications.

         Transplantation                  The replacement of an organ that is not working in the body with
                                          another donor organ.

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