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                    We would like to extend special thanks

                            to the following members of

                           the Renal Team at Beaumont

                        for their contribution to this book.

                                       Prof. Peter J. Conlon

                                           Helen Dunne
                                         Petrina Donnelly
                                          Dr. Colm Magee

                                         Dr. Mark Denton
                                         Dr. Frank O’Brien

                                        Dr. Claire Kennedy
                                            Louise Kelly
                                         Oonagh Deeney

                                           Bernice Curtis
                                         Margaret Hanna
                                            M.T. Murphy

                                         Eileen McBrearty
                                      Dr. Darren Pachaippan
                                         Martin Ferguson

                                           Sheila Donlon

                                            Cartoons and Illustrations

                              Des Hickey (deceased), KegKartoonz (Noel Kelly),

                         Jazz Communications Ltd., and

                Also, to the patients and staff who took time

                           to contribute to editing this book.

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