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Kidney Disease
                                                                          — A Guide for Patients

           Subsequently, the doctor/urologist                         ● Cystinosis. This is an uncommon cause
        may attempt to extract the stone.                               of kidney stones and is inherited (runs in
                                                 “Recurrent urine
        This may occur by way of a number                                 families). This occurs as a result of the
                                                 infections are a
        of methods, depending on the size                                  body being unable to handle the
                                                 common kidney
        and position of the kidney stone.                                  amino acid cysteine. The treatment
        The urologist may pass a scope      complaint, particularly        recommended for this condition is to
        into the bladder and try to grasp           amongst               consume large amounts of water. In
        the stone. They may also try to         young women.”            addition, medications are sometimes
        bypass the stone temporarily with a                            prescribed to help reduce the frequency of
        stent, or may try to dissolve the stone                    kidney stone formation.
        with a machine called a Lithotripsey. Occasionally,      The investigation of patients with kidney stones
        the urologist may be required to perform an open      will consist of a number of 24 hour urine collections
        operation, on the kidney, in order to surgically      and blood tests to determine which of the above
        remove the stone.                                                   conditions is responsible for the
           Once the stones are removed, the team will                          kidney stones. One of the urine
        attempt to determine their underlying cause.                              collection bottles contains acid
        Conditions associated with recurrent kidney                                 and it is important that it is
        stones include:                                                               handled with care and kept
        ● Not drinking enough water. If you have kidney                                far away from children.
           stones, it is necessary to drink 3 litres of water                                     (See pg 19 for
           a day.                                                                                 instructions on
                                                                                                   24 hour urine
        ● High levels of calcium in the urine
           (hypercalciuria). This condition, in which some
           people pass too much calcium into the urine, can
           occur for unknown reasons.

        ● High levels of calcium in the blood
           (hypercalcemia). This may occur as a result of
           a gland in the neck called the
           parathyroid gland becoming
           overactive. If this is the case you
           may need to undergo a small operation to
           remove part of the gland. It may also occur as a    Recurrent Urine Infections
           result of consuming too much calcium in the diet.   Recurrent urine infections are a common kidney
                       ●      High     urinary     oxalate     complaint, particularly amongst young women.
                           (oxalosis).   Oxalate    is    a    The vast majority of patients, with recurrent
        “If you have          constituent of certain foods.    urinary infection, do not have any underlying
       kidney stones           If you are diagnosed as         structural kidney disease. It is important, however,
                               having too much oxalate
       it is necessary
                                                               to eliminate kidney disease by way of performing
                                your doctor may prescribe a
       to drink 3 litres       diet, high in calcium, as this  kidney x-rays. Sometimes long-term (6 months)
            of water          helps to prevent kidney          prophylactic antibiotics are used to eliminate any
             a day.”         stones in this situation.         underlying infection.

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