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Haemodialysis and

                                                                             Peritoneal Dialysis
                                                                              – A Guide for Patients

         ST. MARTIN’S UNIT

                                                                                  NORTHERN CROSS HAEMODIALYSIS UNIT

        Once you have commenced haemodialysis, you will be allocated a specific time and day for your
        dialysis treatment. This is normally a fixed appointment, although the hospital can change the
        times and days, either as a one-off for a specific reason, or if the allocated time does not suit you.
           Within Beaumont
                                          Map of Haemodialysis
        Hospital, two units provide       Units used by Patients
        haemodialysis. St. Martin’s       from the Republic of
        Ward, on the lower ground
        floor has two rooms and St.
        Peter’s on the fourth floor.
        We also supervise patients
        in the Northern Cross
        Haemodialysis Unit. This is
        an off-site unit, run by
        Fresenius Medical Care, who
        are a large dialysis provider.
           Northern Cross provides
        the same dialysis treatment
        as Beaumont Hospital,
        under the supervision of
        the Consultants from
        Beaumont Hospital. Dietetic
        and counselling services are                                Tipperary
        also provided to Northern
        Cross patients from
        Beaumont Hospital staff.                                         South
           You may discuss your
        dialysis unit preference                                                                            FMC
        with your doctor or Patient
        Care Co-ordinators. They
        will do their best to                                                                          Sandyford
        accommodate your                                                                      Tallaght

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