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Haemodialysis and

                                                                             Peritoneal Dialysis
                                                                              – A Guide for Patients

           When you commence dialysis it is
        essential that you continue to get
        your dialysis treatment for the rest                                                          © 2007 Jazz Communications Limited
        of your life or until you receive a
        kidney transplant. This does not
        mean that you cannot continue to
        take a holiday. You will still be able
        to take a holiday within Ireland
        and abroad. This will require prior
        planning so that you can receive
        your dialysis while you are away.
        Your dialysis Nurse/Patient Care
        Co-ordinator will help you to
        make     arrangements      and
        identify a suitable dialysis unit
        close to your holiday
        destination. They will send       I do sympathise with you, sir, but I’m afraid
        the necessary information           it cannot be viewed as ‘carry on’ luggage
        to the unit, prior to your
        journey. This will include a
        recent Hepatitis B + C blood level and HIV level.                       On your return from holidays, it
           There may be a charge for holiday dialysis.                          will be necessary to obtain
        This can be discussed further prior to your      “On your return          further Hepatitis blood levels.
        holiday.                                          from holidays           This will need to be checked
           It is essential that a minimum of two        it is necessary to        once a month for three
        months notice is given to staff prior to your     obtain further          months.
        travel.                                          Hepatitis blood             If you are away, for more
           The Irish Kidney Association also provide                            than 14 days, on return to
        respite holidays for patients on dialysis and                         Beamont Hospital you may need to
        patients with a kidney transplant. These holidays                have dialysis in isolation until the blood
        are available in the form of holiday homes in         results become available.
        Tramore, Co. Waterford and Tralee, Co. Kerry. Please
        speak to the staff in your unit, who will give you
        further details.

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