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            f you choose to perform dialysis at home, you have two options – Home
           Haemodialysis or Peritoneal Dialysis. These options allow you to manage
        Iyour condition and meet your health goals at home. These therapies will be
        outlined in more depth in this chapter.

               HOME HAEMODIALYSIS                                                                   HOME THERAPIES

        Home Haemodialysis (HHD)                                                  It   will   be
        in Beaumont Hospital is an                                             necessary for a
        option of kidney replacement                                           house     assess-
        therapy. This is an ideal                                              ment     to    be
        therapy for people who are                                             carried out to
        motivated and have an                                                  assess        the
        interest in doing their own                                            suitability    of
        dialysis in the home setting.                                          room size, electric and plumbing
           Once you have discussed                                             access and water quality. This
        this    option    with    your                                      assessment is completed by the
        consultant, you will be referred to the home          service provider and a member of the
        therapies team. An appointment will be made, with     haemodialysis training team. The water testing
        you, to discuss this option in more detail. This      results take up to six weeks to be reported on and
        discussion usually takes about an hour. Your          it is essential to have these results before training
        partner/friend is encouraged to attend this           commences. When they are available, the team will
        appointment with you both for support and to          organise a date to commence training.
        listen to the information being delivered to you.        When you arrive at Beaumont Hospital to
           Prior to commencing the programme, you must        commence your training, it will take place in a
        have a functioning arterio venous fistula and the     designated HHD room and one-to-one care and
        skill to self-needle your fistula (this skill will be  training will be provided. Training takes place on
        taught to you, over a period of time in your dialysis  Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 08.00am for
        unit). You can also be referred if you have a CVC line  approximately 6 weeks. The first five weeks of
        or an AV graft.                                       training will take place in Beaumont, and, if you and
                                                              the team feel you are ready, the last week (week
                                                              6) is provided in your home. Depending on where
                                                              you live, the days and times may vary. During your
                                                              training in Beaumont, you will also meet with the
                                                              renal nurse counsellor and the dietician.

                                                                         WHAT PATIENTS SAY:
                                                                        “Self-needling is a ‘mind-set’,
                                                                 and ‘mind-sets’ are made to be conquered?

                                                                          “Self-needling is rarely a
                                                                             technical problem.”

           Home Therapies Team, (l-r): Jane Ormond, Annette Butler,  “The rest is practice and repetition.”
            Eleanor Tierney, Prof. Peter Conlon and Norah McEntee

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