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Haemodialysis and

                                                                             Peritoneal Dialysis
                                                                              – A Guide for Patients

           Your house conversion will commence
        on the second week of your training. This
        involves creating an electricity supply,
        water and draining access in the room
        chosen as your dialysis area. A shower
        tray, for the dialysis machine to stand on,
        is fitted and the floor will have lino fitted,
        which is required as part of the hygiene,
        health and safety standards. The
        conversion is essential to the safely
        perform this therapy in your home. There
        is no cost to you for this conversion.
           The service provider will also organise
        and set up all the required equipment in
        your home prior to week 6. This will include:

          l Home Haemodialysis Machine;                       of your treatment and will help the team make
          l Dialysis chair;                                   decisions about your therapy.
          l Dialysis table;                                      If you decide this is the right mode of treatment
          l Weighing scales;                                  for you, you will benefit by:
          l Waste disposal equipment including a              l Not needing to travel to and from the hospital 3
             sharps bin, healthcare risk waste bags              times a week for dialysis.
             and a wheelie bin.                               l Having your dialysis when it suits you, as
                                                                 discussed with your home dialysis team.
           There must be a designated area to store the       l Choosing to have longer dialysis sessions and,
        necessary stock for your treatment.                      more often than the three times weekly. This will
           Your first week (or longer if required) at home is    certainly benefit your health and you can be
        fully supervised and supported by the home               more flexible with what you eat and drink.
        therapy nurse. This is a good opportunity to          l Taking more control of your condition.
        troubleshoot any problems you may encounter              Nocturnal dialysis is now also an option for home
        during your treatment at home. The service            dialysis. This is performed 8 hours 5 nights per
        provider have a 24 hour, 7 days a week helpline and   week, and is considered the gold standard of
        your clinical support team have an 8am to 8pm         treatment. It is gaining popularity due to the
        (Monday to Friday) and 8am-5pm (Sat and Sun)          benefits associated with it.
                                                                Some disadvantages to HHD therapy include:
           Once you are settled into home life, on home
                                                                l You have to set up and dismantle your own
        dialysis, it will be necessary to attend Beaumont
                                                                  dialysis machine for each treatment.
        clinic, once a week initially for review, and to have
                                                                l You require a dedicated space in your home
        an opportunity to express any worries or concerns.
                                                                  for storage of dialysis equipment.
        Other support staff (for example a dietician or
        nurse counsellor), will be available to you as you    Home Haemodialysis may not be right for you
        require. To help with the reviews it will also be     at this time. You may want to think about self-
        necessary to send bloods to the home therapy          care dialysis in a unit, perhaps then deciding to
        team on a monthly basis. This is an essential part    make the move to home haemodialysis.
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