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               eritoneal dialysis is another form of                                        Continuous Ambulatory
               kidney replacement therapy. The                                            Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD)
        Pperitoneum is a membrane which lines
        the abdominal cavity. Surrounding and
        protecting many of the body's internal organs,
        it has a rich blood supply, making it an ideal
        area in which to carry out dialysis. Peritoneal
        dialysis involves the use of the peritoneal
        membrane, as a filter, to remove waste
        products from the body and to correct body
        fluid and biochemistry.
           This is achieved by inserting a catheter
        (tenckhoff) into the peritoneal cavity by way
        of a minor operation. About 15 cms of the
        catheter remains outside of the body,
        providing a means for attaching a bag of
        special dialysis fluid (dialysate). The dialysate
        fluid and the peritoneum work together to
        remove waste and excess fluid from your body.
           Peritoneal dialysis exchanges can be
        performed, by the patient themselves, during
        the day time (Continuous Ambulatory
        Peritoneal Dialysis) or by a small machine at
        night while you sleep (Automated Peritoneal

                                                                                                 Both methods
                                                                                              are easy to learn.
                                                                                               Once trained by
                                                                                                 the peritoneal
                            Dialysis solution                                                     dialysis staff,

                                                                     Abdominal cavity         dialysis is carried
                                                                     Peritoneum                out in your own
                                                                                                home. Patients
                                                                                             will be assisted by
                                                                                               their renal team
                                                                                                in choosing the
                                                                                               dialysis therapy
                                                                                                 that best suits
                                                                                              their medical and
                                                                                               personal needs.

        P.20 Haemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis – A Guide for Patients
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