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Haemodialysis and

                                                                             Peritoneal Dialysis
                                                                              – A Guide for Patients

                                                              AUTOMATED PERITONEAL DIALYSIS (APD)
                                                              APD is an overnight treatment for 8-10 hours
                                                              7 night per week, and uses a machine to perform
                                                              the dialysis whilst you sleep. The machine works
                                                              by instilling and removing fluid throughout the
                                                              night and is very easy to set up. Some people
                                                              require fluid to stay in during the daytime for some
                                                              extra dialysis. You will have a memory card with
                                                              your details and prescription on it which will record
                                                              your sessions. When you attend the PD clinic the
                                                              dialysis nurses will download the information. The
                                                              machine is portable for holidays and has a carry
                                                              case which can be taken abroad.

        As a patient, on dialysis, it is very important to be                                        APD Machine
        careful about the amount of fluid you drink. Your
        doctor/nurse will inform you of the amount of fluid
        you can take on a daily basis. This amount is
        reviewed regularly, as it may change taking into
        consideration urine output. However, most patients
        lose their urinary output within the first year of
        dialysis treatment. The amount of fluid removed, at
        each session is determined by the type of dialysis
        bag that is used. By increasing the concentration of
        glucose in the bags, more fluid can be taken off. The   COMPLICATIONS OF PERITONEAL DIALYSIS
        three main types of fluid used in Beaumont are              PD, like any form of dialysis, carries a risk
        1.36% (light bags), 2.27% (medium bags), and             of a number of complications, which are rare.
        3.86% (heavy bags). There is also a very strong bag             The major complications include:
        called Extraneal, which has the strongest fluid          l Peritonitis.         l Loss of
                                                                 l Exit site infection.    ultrafiltration/
        removal capacity. You and your doctor will develop
                                                                 l Fluid leak.             inadequate
        a prescription of the PD treatment, using, for
                                                                 l Catheter blockage.      dialysis.
        example, three light bags and one extraneal bag, or
        one light bag, two heavy, and an extraneal at night.  removed on a daily basis. This shows clearly how
        The prescription will be individualised, for yourself,  well dialysis is working for you. It is important that
        and may change over time.                             these records are brought along to clinic
           It is important to record your dialysis            appointments, so that your team can review them,
        prescription, weight and the amount of fluid that is  and make changes in your treatment if required.

        If you select PD, as your treatment choice, you will have continued support from the kidney team. You will
        be reviewed by your consultant at a special PD Clinic once, every 2 months or sooner, if needed. However,
        you have the choice to contact the kidney ward, at any time, to speak to staff. PD staff are provided from
        7.45am to 8.30pm. A home visiting service is available from the Beaumont PD staff.

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