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Haemodialysis and

                                                                             Peritoneal Dialysis
                                                                              – A Guide for Patients

        CHAPTER 7

                idney transplantation is a very big
               area with lots to learn about. We
        Khave published a booklet ‘Kidney
        Transplantation - A Guide for Patients’
        that tells you all you need to know about
        receiving a kidney transplant. Your nurse
        will give you a copy of this on request.
           A kidney transplant is undoubtedly the
        best long-term treatment for patients who
        have developed irreversible kidney disease.                                                 KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION
        While this sounds very daunting at first, the
        procedure is performed, fairly frequently,
        with excellent long-term results. However
        a kidney transplant is not for everyone.
                                                                                    BOOK 3
        Very elderly patients, or those with
                                                                                   2nd Edition
        significant problems such as heart or lung                               Helen Dunne, CNM
                                                                               Petrina Donnelly, CNM
        disease, might not be medically suitable to                          Prof. Peter J. Conlon, FRCPI
                                                                                  Ciara White, CNM
        undergo transplantation. Your team will                    Re-edited by Olive McEnroe and Ruth O’Malley
        discuss the best options for you.

                                    THE TRANSPLANT PROCESS

        To receive a kidney transplant you must      kidney team will refer you to Beaumont
        be in reasonable general health apart from   Hospital where you will be asked to come
        kidney disease. To determine your health,    and meet the Beaumont transplant team.
        you will need to undergo a complete          At this visit, the pros and cons of a kidney
        medical    evaluation.   This    will  be    transplant will be discussed. You will be
        undertaken by your own kidney team and       given the opportunity to discuss any
        will include an extensive list of blood      issues you have at this point. If all your
        tests, including tissue typing bloods,       test results are acceptable, you will be
        hepatitis B test, HIV test and many others.  placed on the kidney transplant waiting
        There will also be a test of your kidneys    pool. It is very important that, while you
        and cardiac function. It is possible to begin  are on the transplant waiting pool, you
        the process of going on the kidney           remain contactable. A suitable kidney may
        transplant list, before your kidneys have    become available at any time of the day or
        failed completely, although your kidney      night. You must let the transplant co-
        function does need to be less than 20%.      ordinators know if you are away or change
           Once these tests are completed, your      your contact details.                                  contd...

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