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While you are on the transplant waiting pool, you  You will be asked to fast from that point. You will go
        must send blood samples to the transplant             to St. Theresa’s Ward on the ground floor.
        laboratory, at Beaumont, at least every 3 months.        In St. Theresa’s you will again undergo many
        If you are on dialysis, this will probably be done    different blood tests, x-rays and heart monitor,
        automatically for you but, if you are not yet on      etc. You will also be seen by the surgeon
        dialysis, you will be sent a letter to organise an    and anaesthetist.
        appointment for you to have your bloods taken. It        Only after all these evaluations are available will
        is your responsibility to ensure that these samples   the final decision be made to go ahead with the
        are taken, by your doctor/nurse, and sent to the      transplant.
        hospital every month.                                    In some situations, the cross-match test will
           If these blood samples are not kept up-to-date,    come back positive, which means that this kidney
        your name will be suspended from the transplant       is not suitable for you. This can be extremely
        waiting pool.                                         difficult and disappointing for you and your family.
           When you receive a call, regarding the possibility  The kidney team will be there to support you,
        of a suitable transplant, it is of vital importance to  through this time, in the hope that a better match
        travel to Beaumont Hospital as quickly as possible.   for you appears next  time.

          If the kidney is making lots of urine
          and the serum creatinine is falling,
          it implies that the kidney is
          functioning well. About 10% of
          patients will experience a rejection
          episode, where the body attacks
          the transplanted kidney, resulting
          in a rise in creatinine. If this
          happens, you will probably need to
          have a transplant biopsy and then
          undergo a ‘boost’ of high dose
          intravenous steroids for 5 days.
          The good news is that the vast
          majority of rejection episodes
          respond to this treatment.

            Kidneys for
            transplantation can be:
            l Cadaveric donors
            l Living donors

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