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Haemodialysis and

                                                                             Peritoneal Dialysis
                                                                              – A Guide for Patients

                                      CADAVERIC KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION

           At present, in Ireland, this is the commonest      removed for transplant purposes.
        form of kidney transplant. A person who has had an       The problem with this approach is that there are
        irreversible brain injury, usually from an accident or  far more patients in need of a kidney transplant
        brain haemorrhage, becomes a kidney donor. In         than there are kidneys for transplant available. The
        Ireland this is only done, with the consent of the    average waiting time for a kidney transplant is two,
        patient’s relatives. The brain stem is responsible for  to two and a half years, although there can be
        the capacity for consciousness. If brain stem is      enormous variation, with some patients waiting
        irreversibly damaged, this constitutes brain stem     less than 6 months and some patients waiting more
        death, which constitutes death of the person.         than 5 years because of the difficulty of matching
           The donor is taken to theatre, where their         the new kidney to particular needs.
        kidneys, and frequently many other organs, are

           To access the transplant
        list, fairly strict rules are in
        place. Priority is given to
        patients with a perfect
        match between the donor
        and recipient. After that, the
        major criterion used to
        allocate kidneys is the
        length of time patients have
        been waiting. Children are
        also prioritised, and patients
        with very difficult life-
        threatening clinical
        situations occasionally are
        considered as priority. On
        average, the one year
        success rate of a kidney
        transplant is 92% and, on
        average, a cadaveric kidney
        lasts 14 years.
           For patients with Type 1
        Diabetes it is also possible
        to receive a combined
        kidney/ pancreas transplant.
        You should discuss, with
        your kidney team, if you
        think you might be suitable
        for this.

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